About Us

When you walk into L’Auberge d’Anjou, you are not only unpacking your bags… You are entering our world, our home. Our core objective is to offer a home to travelers wishing to take a break, quench their thirst, relax, recoup. The inn is established in an extremely well located heritage home in the center of the village of Petit-Rocher, New Brunswick. The Chaleur Bay beaches are only two minutes away. L’Auberge welcomes people from all ages and from all walks of life. This house will be the center of a unique adventure, but first and foremost, it is a place where you will feel at home and where we see our dreams come true day after day. The warm welcome, the courteous service and the delicious meals, offered on site at the Bistro d’Anjou, will ensure you enjoy an unforgettable stay in Petit-Rocher.

6 rooms with private bathroom, air conditioning and television
 Meals offered on site at the Bistro d’Anjou
Wireless Internet access
 Chaleur Bay beaches located nearby
 Located on the Acadian Coastal Drive
 Bilingual service : English and French
 Kitchenette with refrigerator and available laundry service
 Five-minute walk from a grocery store, bank, pharmacy, NB Liquor store and church

 Your hosts: Mireille & Marc  


Auberge d’Anjou, built in 1917 near the Petit-Rocher wharf by J. Thomas d’Anjou and his wife Pamela, is the first hotel of this picturesque village located on the Acadian Coastal Drive in New Brunswick. Well known for the hospitality it offered, Auberge d’Anjou was a favourite amongst tired and weary travellers. It also served as a gathering place for locals who came to chat and play auction 45, our Acadian ancestor’s favourite game. In 1967, the building was transformed into a private family summer resort. In 1994, Auberge d’Anjou came back to life and the unique atmosphere that contributed to its charm, which is a legacy from our Acadian ancestors, was recreated with the current safety standards in mind. Just like in that bygone era, a warm welcome, courteous service and delicious food will help make your stay in Petit-Rocher unforgettable. The name “Auberge d’Anjou” was chosen to pay tribute to its first owners but we came up with a fresh new design and we now use Anjou Pear in the new concept.